Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every Day is a Fashion Show

I recently took a trip to Miami with my two best friends. I must say, it was one of the best trips I have ever taken. The atmosphere is completely different over there than it is here. In Miami everyone just wants to party. I finally understood the "Jersey Shore" lifestyle. My schedule everyday consisted of beach/shopping, eat, club, sleep. The clubs are open until five over there which is a big difference from two. My best friends and I joked, although we were somewhat serious, that the people at the front desk of the hotel must have thought that we were crazy little girls coming in and out at all times wearing many different outfits. We had shopping outfits, beach outfits, dinner outfits, and club outfits. This many outfit changes was a dream come true for any fashonista. Below I will post a timeline with the outfits of choice for the trip.

Day 1
Beach: A men's shirt that I turned in to a beach cover up.
Dinner: Maxi dress and arm cuff.
Night: Sparkly dress for Club Mansion

Day 2
Day: Shopping in South beach in high waisted shorts and a tribal print tank.
Night: Club set in a crop top and white skirt.

Day 3
Night: Passion Night Club in a simple black skirt and big chunky necklace.

Day 4

Night 4: Off the Hookah in a floral print body-con dress.

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