Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Modern Modesty?

When it comes to skirts it is the shorter the better correct? Well maybe not so much. Mini skirts are sexy for a night on the town but not always the classiest choice for a day in the city. So you don't want to feel like a girl from Little House on the Prarie with a skirt that covers those legs you worked so hard on? It's okay, there is a solution! Sheer maxi skirts are what's in this Spring, the perfect combination of sexy and classy. Now I should warn you that these ARE to be worn with shorts or a skirt underneath! The sheer fabric should only slightly expose those sexy legs, ya gotta leave something for the imagination ladies! These skirts can be found in all colors. Personally, I chose to try a brighter color for spring. If you are like me and feel the need to make everything yourself you can easily make one of these skirts as well.